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old wrestling gallery big fat man beating up slender guy
old wrestling gallery big fat man beating up slender guy
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vintage mens pro wrestling videos guys older man
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seniors wrestlers fighting younger dudes wrestling dvds
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old wrestling pictures male wrestlers gallery vod
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old wrestling pictures black man dominating white guy
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old vintage wrestling photos gallery husky manly bear
old vintage wrestling photos gallery galleries and videos
old vintage wrestling photos gallery galleries and videos
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old vintage wrestling photos chain matches cage event
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old school wrestling vintage pictures photos shows
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old school wrestlers pictures gallery profiles ads

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GLOBALFIGHT.COM Features vintage wrestling videos streamed in our members area or you can view FREE photo gallery previews at GlobalFight! The members area is now playing 20,000 webcams, video streams and 500,000 photo gallery archives!

Golden Era 1 $24.95
US vintage wrestling from the 60's Golden Era 1 brings you two hours of real wrestling when men looked like men and dressed like men! This is actual production footage which means black space is between each match where commercials would normally be placed by the TV station. You dont have any commercials but might want to fast forward past the one minute spacers :) If you liked the golden era of wrestling you will love this video!

Vintage 1 $24.95
US vintage wrestling from the 60's & 70's Take a trip back in time when the men were not ashamed to have a hairy chest or a bald spot and the wrestling was not bad either!!! Two hours of vintage action included with this tape in black & white.

Vintage 2 $34.95
Wrestling from the 1950's Vintage 2 is two hours of 1950's wrestling in the USA

Vintage 3 $34.95
Japan 1950's Wrestling USA wrestlers in Japan wrestling circa 1950

Vintage 4 $34.95
1950's two hour wrestling two hours of wrestling from the 1950's and 60's sent to us by OldTimeWrestling webmaster from members home collections. Digitally remastered for optimum quality.


The above photos are posted to provide you a sample of what to expect inside the members area. They have been reduced to 600 pixels resolution to fit all browsers and reduce bandwidth consumption. The actual size and quality inside the members area will be greatly increased as we now edit all photos to 1250 resolution with added digital enhancements and shot with a Nikon D50 for superb quality!

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Some examples of what to expect inside our members area


wcw, wwf, ecw, TV tapings, taped matches and wrestlers wrestling other wrestler's in the pro wrestling world. Indies are also covered featuring PROWRESTLERS from the united states and canada and japan rassling other lutte wrasslers as well as wrassling vintage men from florida.
Title histories are AJPW - All Japan Pro-Wrestling | AWA - American Wrestling Association | CMLL - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre | EMLL - Empresa Mundial de Lucha Libre (NWA) | IWA - International Wrestling Alliance (Puerto Rico) | NWA - National Wrestling Alliance | New Japan | WCW - World Championship Wrestling | WWC - World Wrestling Council (Puerto Rico) | WWF - World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment
Wrestling Links covered are Wrestling News and Commentary || Rumors and Rants Classic Wrestling/History || Wrestling Promotions || Wrestling Merchandise/Videos || Wrestlers(Wrestling Personalities, Fan Pages) || Wrestling Links Pages || Misc. Pages Related to Wrestling
Wrestling in General || E-Wrestling our wrestler links also cover American Wrestling Association and other Independents Championship Wrestling from Florida Mid South/Universal Wrestling Federation National Wrestling Alliance World Class Championship Wrestling World Wrestling Federation
Early Wrestling on TV The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen and shots versus headbutts
we will also cover "the best VINTAGE WRESTLING web sites" More topics are prizefighters fighting in the ring for cash, NOW HIRING WRESTLERS, seeking jobbers, seeking heels, ringside boxing and ringside wrestling, wrestling cards, GRECCOGEAR, scrappers fist fighting, irishmen fighting in death match,

Check out our links pages for these great sites, want your site listed? use the Automatic Link Posting page
* ACW - North Carolina
* All Pro Wrestling (APW)
* Appalachian Wrestling Federation
* Atlantic Championship Wrestling
* Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling - North Carolina area
* Bay City Bombers - Roller Derby, actually.
* Border City Wrestling
* Buffalo Wrestling Federation
* Eastern Kentucky Championship Wrestling
* The Eastern Wrestling Enterprise - New Jersey
* Enigma Pro Wrestling - Based in Columbus, Indiana
* Eurostars - France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Macedonia, Madagascar and Congo
* Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
* Florida Championship Wrestling
* Global Roughhouse Rasslin' - Southwestern VA
* Hawaii Pro Wrestling
* Independent Superstars of Professional Wrestling
* International Catch Wrestling Alliance - Pro wrestling from France
* Italian Championship Wrestling - Italy's only pro wrestling organization
* Iron-Range Championship Wrestling
* KYDA Pro Wrestling - Based in Manassas, VA. A favorite haunt of Sasha, and personally recommended by Bill.
* Mexico's World Wrestling Organization (in English)
* Michinoku Pro Wrestling - English Version
* NWA Southwest
* NWA Wildside
* Pro Wrestling Canada
* Shawn Michaels' Texas Wrestling Association
* South Eastern Championship Wrestling
* TWWA - Trans World Wrestling Alliance
* Ultra Championship Wrestling
* United Wrestling Association
* UFO - Antonio Inoki's Universal Fighting-Arts Organization
* Vegas Championship Wrestling
* Virginia Championship Wrestling
* Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem
* For more official wrestling organization links, see Ollie's Wrestling Resources.

Backyard Feds

* Herndon Wrestling Association
* Holcombe Wrestling Federation
* Kroskie Wrestling Federation
* Public Access Wrestling
* Real Deal Wrestling
* Wrestle Axe


* Wrestling Press Box

Other Sites

* Caveman Dave's Pro Wrestling Page
* Champions Of The Galaxy
* Classic AWA Wrestling - Original authorized videotape footage of the AWA
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* Lucha Swag - Go here to order Lucha masks, figures, t-shirts and magazines
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* Wrestling Reporters
* Wrestling Resource
* Wrestling Textbook
* Bionic Redneck's Wrestling Tape Reviews
* WCW Title Rankings
* The Weavil's Page
* The Ring Insider
* The Wrestling Booking Sheet
* Wrestling Gone Mad
* The Wrestling Post Online Magazine - Last Update 3/10/00


* E.W.A.
* Fanatical Fantasy Wrestling
* I Can't Believe It's Not Real E-Wrestling Promotions
* Imaginary Championship Wrestling
* Professional Wrestling League


* The Professional Wrestling Online Museum - This is the second generation of Mike Long's Professional Wrestling Server which was the first wrestling site on the WWW (so I'm told). Much of what you see on other pages (including mine) is influenced by his original presentation.
* Professional Wrestling FAQ - For those of you who are true marks and really don't know any of the inside story of pro wrestling, this page is worthy of a spoiler alert. For you smart marks, it's worth a read for some information you may not know.
* Professional Wrestling Glossary - For those of you who might think blading is an ice skating term.
* Professional Wrestling Relations - Who's your daddy?
* The Canadian Pro Wrestling Page of Fame
* Identities of Masked Wrestlers - This is a very good and complete list.
* Deceased Pro Wrestlers, Managers, and Announcers
* Whatever Happened To...
* Wrestling Supercards and Tournaments, Title Histories, etc.
* Ticketmaster Online!
* Wrestling's Top Links


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